The strata corporation is responsible for the maintenance of “common property” only. According to the Strata Property Act, “common property” is defined as:

“pipes, wires, cables, chutes, ducts and other facilities for the passage or provision of water, sewage, drainage, gas, oil, electricity, telephone, radio, television, garbage, heating and cooling systems, or other similar services, if they are located

(i) within a floor, wall or ceiling that forms a boundary
      (A) between a strata lot and another strata lot,
      (B) between a strata lot and the common property, or
      (C) between a strata lot or common property and another parcel of land, or

(ii) wholly or partially within a strata lot, if they are capable of being and intended to be used in connection with the enjoyment of another strata lot or the common property”

To the extent a “common property” emergency exists please contact our after hours emergency line 778.323.1012. Speaking slowly, please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your telephone number (please ensure call block features have been turned off)
  • Property address
  • Specifics of your “emergency”

Our “on call” staff will return your call typically within 15 minutes. If you do not receive a call within 15 minutes please call again.

Depending on the emergency, response is dependent upon weather conditions and time of day. During inclement weather, it is NOT possible to undertake any emergency roof repairs. Except for elevator entrapments, contractors can take several hours to arrive on site. In the case of someone trapped in an elevator, we would expect the elevator contractor to arrive on site within one hour.

To ensure prompt response to emergencies, by leaving a voice mail on this number the caller agrees to pay $500 for this service call. This fee is waived once the situation is confirmed  by our staff as being an emergency.

Examples of “emergencies”

  • Garage door malfunction (ie. stuck open or closed)
  • Broken pipe resulting in a significant water leak (ie. more than dripping)
  • Elevator malfunction (people trapped inside)

The following are NOT consisdered “emergencies”

  • Lost keys
  • Appliance malfunctions
  • No power within the suite (usually a tripped breaker “in suite”)
  • In suite security alarm systems activated and ringing
  • Account inquiries

There are some situations where it is unclear whether the matter is a strata corporation matter or an in suite matter. The most common example would be a plugged drain (including toilet and sinks).

Until the source of the plug has been determined by a plumber, it is not possible to know with certainty whether this is an in suite matter or a strata corporation matter. As a result, either party may hire a plumber to start the process. However, it would be prudent to inform our on call staff that you are hiring a plumber for this process. If your plumber determines the cause is physically located outside of your suite, it would then be appropriate to contact our on call staff. A decision can then be made whether to use your plumber or the strata corporation’s plumber.

The same process would apply should the strata’s plumber conduct the investigation only to conclude that the blockage is inside the suite (ie. meaning this would NOT be a common expense). Our staff will then inform you and allow you to make a decision regarding the use of the strata’s plumber or your own plumber.