Residential Rentals

Our role, as agents of the landlord, is defined by contract between our firm and the property owner. While the scope of work may vary depending upon the type of rental property (eg. single home vs apartment building) the services we offer are consistent for all residential rental properties:


  • Provide monthly report to clients indicating revenue received and disbursements made for your property


  • Collect rent
  • Deposit rent into trust account
  • Pay property expenses
  • Record all financial transactions
  • Provide monthly financial report to clients

Property Manager

  • Follow up with delinquent accounts
  • Represent landlords at RTB hearings
  • Co-ordinate repairs
  • Schedule regular maintenance (eg. dryer vent cleaning, fire safety system inspections, catch basin cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning etc.)

Emergency Service

  • Provide 24 hour response to common property emergencies


  • Co-ordinate reconstruction appraisal, if required
  • Assist clients to purchase insurance coverage from a licensed insurance broker
  • Co-ordinate insurance claims