Realtor Document Request Form


It is our policy to maintain the privacy of all Owners and accordingly, we do not release any documents to individuals who are not Owners or who do not have the explicit consent of an owner to obtain documents pertaining to a specific strata lot.

All realtors requesting documents must, upon request, provide proof of authorization from the owner of the strata lot. A signed letter from the owner or copy of the signed listing agreement will be accepted as proof of authorization.

Before proceeding to complete the form you MUST read the following declaration and then indicate whether or not you Agree or Disagree.

  1. I hereby declare that I am authorized under Section 36 of the Strata Property Act to obtain the documents listed in this request.
  2. Requests received after noon are considered received the next regular business day
  3. Requests received on weekends and statutory holidays are considered received the next regular business day.
  4. When a delivery date falls on a weekend or statutory holiday the delivery date will be extended by one business day.
  5. When a statutory holiday occurs within the requested delivery period the delivery date will be extended by one business day.
  6. Documents will be released after 3:00 PM on the due date.
  7. Should I fail to pick up the requested document(s) within 14 days I agree to pay the required fee to
    R. JANG & Associates Ltd. for services rendered.




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DOCUMENTS REQUESTED (All fees are subject to applicable taxes)

Available within seven days:

Available within fourteen days:

Minutes (both the type of minutes and dates of meetings must be selected)

From to $.25 per page

From to $.25 per page

Reports prepared by a Professional Engineer within three years of the date of this request $95 per report, if any.

To source a report beyond three years of the date of this request there is a research fee of $95 per hour plus $.25 per page. This hourly fee is charged whether there is a report of not. Please specify type of Professional Engineer:

Building Envelope ProfessionalStructural EngineerMechanical Engineer

Other type of Professional Engineer – please specify:

Insurance documents, if requested, will be provided by the strata corporation's insurance broker.

PRIORITY FEES FOR RUSH SERVICE (subject to availability)

Unless otherwise noted above, your documents will be available in seven days. If you require them sooner, the following priority fees apply (AS OF APRIL 1, 2020, DUE TO THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC, RUSH SERVICE MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE, please call to confirm):

Next day RUSH $150Three day RUSH $100Five day RUSH $ 50

Other fees:

Requested pick up date:

Please do not call our office to request information via telephone. Given the potential implications in a real estate transaction, our office does not release information verbally. R. JANG & Associates Ltd. can not interpret minutes/bylaws or provide further clarification and/or details regarding the strata corporation or specific strata lot. We are also unable to provide an opinion regarding the condition, physical or otherwise, of any of our properties.

Our office will contact you with the amount due. Only after payment has been received via Interac e-transfer or cash will documents be released.